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I never planned to do a post like this, or do C&R Sims. But then I had an idea for a way to do them differently than malady579 does them and then she practically demanded that I post them when I could so here they are.

There are some spoilers for Touch & Geaux in here.

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Yay!  You posted them!  I still adore your Zane.  He is not as beefy Italian as mine (shhh, it’s ok my sim!zane, I still love you).  And Ty checking out the orchids in his own bloody time is perfect.  He is opinionated that one.  Dude, I so need to build the bookstore.  Seeing this makes me want to build.

If anyone else has made their own C&R sims, please post them.  I would love to see them. 

zanegarretts asked:

I need to talk more about Nick's obsession with Kelly's hip tattoo and how much he loves to come on it.




I need to know what it is because what on all of god’s green earth could have Nick that hnnnng over it. How big is it? Just on his hip bone or does it go up his ribs or across his abs or down into his coarse curls at all? Color or just monotone with some shading? How long has he had it? Did Nick have issues trying not to lust after it when he got peeks at it in Recon?

Because he loves to trace it with his fingers, his lips, his tongue, his teeth. He’s obsessed with it, the way it follows Kelly’s hipbone - that bone that just curves up when Kelly’s lying flat and provides the perfect handhold for Nick when they’re fucking. And the tattoo moves as Kelly moves because Kelly’s body is long and sinuous and lithe and oh so bendy and that goddamn tattoo is fucking siren’s song for Nick.

Do we know how many tats Kelly has?  If the hip one isn’t his only one, I’m going to go with a Navy Corpsman related (like this, or this or this) but if he only has one, then I think it might be something about his parents.

We already know about this one. But there’ve been allusions to having multiples. My guess/hope is we’ll find out in C&C.

kinkyhannibal asked:

Important question: Do you think Zane would have started drinking when they were down in New Orleans if he hadn't got in that fight with Ty? (this just hit me and now i'm wondering about it).




I, personally, do not think he would have started drinking when they were down there. Not if all that happened was everything besides the fight with Ty. It’s made clear very early on that Zane is still struggling with the desire to drink:

He played with the ice in his glass of Coke, fighting the desire to pick up Kelly’s drink and throw it back. His one year sober chip was heavy in his pocket. Ty wasn’t drinking, putting up a united front with Zane so it wouldn’t be quite so hard to fight the urge to indulge. Zane appreciated the gesture, but he hated to tell Ty that no matter what he did, Zane still suffered.

Abigail Roux (2013-03-28T04:00:00+00:00). Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run, #7) (Kindle Locations 557-559). Riptide Publishing. Kindle Edition.

I don’t think, though, that this pain and suffering would have been enough to drive Zane to drink. Especially since, at this point, he was still partly in the mind frame of doing it for Ty, because his life pretty much revolved around Ty. He wouldn’t have wanted to let Ty down and risk seeing him disappointed in him.

But, once the fight happened and he felt so betrayed, Zane (momentarily) stopped caring about disappointing Ty. He didn’t care about anything Ty said because he didn’t feel he could trust him. Was telling himself that Ty possibly didn’t truly love him, so why would he care? And why should Zane?

And it’s not until the end of the book, as all who have read it know, that Zane and Ty both realize that they need a break so that they can learn about themselves outside of each other.

Zane wanted to argue, to beg Ty not to make him leave him here. But Ty was right. He had realized it himself, remembering the way he’d watched Becky, thinking her joy was shared. The way he observed Ty’s vibrant lust for life and fooled himself into thinking he was living just by basking in that glow.

But he had no friends. He had no joys. He had nothing that wasn’t about Ty or the job.

He had to learn to live. If he was a phoenix, he had to learn to fly on his own, or he’d keep smoldering in his own ashes.

He nodded against Ty’s cheek. “Okay,” he whispered. “Okay.”

Abigail Roux (2013-03-28T04:00:00+00:00). Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run, #7) (Kindle Locations 4168-4172). Riptide Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Ty’s confessions early on in the book are the catalyst for what I consider to be the essential action in the book. Not the Vega Cartel, not Gaudet, but the roller coaster ride their relationship travels.

Without Zane finding out Ty’s secrets, I don’t think he would have fallen back into drinking. At least, not at this point in his life. Could it have happened eventually, due to something else? Possibly. But for Touch & Geaux, the revealing of secrets and resulting fight is what pushed Zane off the wagon because he felt like everything he had with Ty was a lie.

(Of course, this is entirely my own opinion, so feel free to disagree with me.)

I 100 percent agree. I think Zane was not at a healthy point in his life. his reasons for quitting were not at all about what was best for him. They were still wrapped around being good enough for Ty. I think he would have eventually relapsed. He was not strong enough to avoid it but would he have on their trip (not vacation) to NOLA? No……………….I don’t think he would have.

I agree. Zane wasn’t sober for him, he was sober for Ty.  Even if NOLA hadn’t happened, there would have been a point where Zane got tired of being who Ty thought he was and he would have relapsed.  Now that he’s sober because he wants to be, I think it will take a lot more to knock him off the wagon.

Do you think so?  Does it make it any easier sitting around at a wedding and seeing everyone else drink but you?  He still craved it even when Ty was his reason. 

Does making himself the reason make the cravings less? 

Does liking himself now make it easier?

Does knowing it will be ok if he does slip (because Ty will still be there wanting him even if he is not perfect) lessen the pressure?

In B&C, Zane still notices who is drinking and who is not.  He still takes note of everyone’s beverage.  He always will.  Having Ty and his friends chose to not drink around him means a lot to Zane, and he did not speak up about it.  He never would.  He would clutch his token.  He would clutch Ty’s hand.  He will grasp all he can to distract himself.  But he would not ask them to deprive themselves of what they can tolerate even when he can’t.  It says a lot for Zane, and says a lot for Sidewinder to abstain…for him.

Anonymous asked:

Hello, evil mastermind! :) I have a question that's been bugging me... Remember in F&C when Ty and Zane were asking each other questions off the wall and then Ty had a question but didn't ask it? We never got to find out what he wanted to ask.. are we ever going to? Thank youu! All my love, your loving minion :D



yourdirtykels tagged:

it’s embarrassing when people call me out on my poorly thought out tags. 

you are spot on. I just meant that ty had already realized it then even though he didn’t say it till later, or even ask his question then because he was afraid of how zane would react. 

I just get really emotional over that line about ty knowing he was falling for zane and falling alone. but he didn’t try to stop even though that scared him. 

Oh honey, I did not mean my post as a bad thing.  Please don’t think I meant to rub anything in your face.  I was only wanting to guide you back to what was happening in that scene, which seems you were already there and I was the one that misread your tag. For that I am sorry. 

It is such a wonderful scene, and knowing what Ty is thinking adds so much depth to it. How Ty reasoned with all the dynamics of what is going on with what Zane does and does not know is so much richer when you reread after T&G.  Add that with how Ty is with orders and romance, and you get this very fucked up Ty Grady who just wants to love the man he’s fallen for and be loved back.  What is more pure than that? 

I love when you post your meta thoughts, love it a lot, and I don’t want to discourage it at all.  You do think them out and put a lot of thought into them.  Very well-rationed thought too.  And, honestly, I don’t want to discourage anyone even if they are not rational about it.  I might not always agree, but I do want to read them and ponder all meta posts and maybe even respond if I want to explore them further. 

amirosebooks asked:

Merc AU -- Since you ended the last Merc AU bit on a very interesting note with an almost kiss in an alley... How about we see Zane doing everything he can to trick / tease / torment Ty into kissing him. Maybe there's some party Zane has to attend that he gets drunk at before putting operation seduce the babysitter into action?



Ty settled back on the leather couch, his booted feet on the table in front of him and his sharp eyes tracking Zane through the dance crowd.

"When are you just going to fuck him and put us all out of our misery?" Kelly sprawled on the couch next to Ty, his voice a little more slurred and slow than usual.

"Where’s your detective friend?" Ty asked without taking his eyes off Zane. It was his job to keep track of the man. Admiring the way he moved was an unfortunate side effect.

"Nice dodge, bitch."

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Anonymous asked:

Hello, evil mastermind! :) I have a question that's been bugging me... Remember in F&C when Ty and Zane were asking each other questions off the wall and then Ty had a question but didn't ask it? We never got to find out what he wanted to ask.. are we ever going to? Thank youu! All my love, your loving minion :D

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