when u get online before ur friend and there’s big news in ur fandom


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I have a back yard now. 

I have an EXCUSE. 

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It’s because you feel like home.

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Kelly sighed shakily, then took a deep breath. “Yes,” he whispered. “It feels like home.”

Nick pushed his nose against Kelly’s, kissing him gently as warmth spread through his entire body.

You feel like home,” Kelly said as he wrapped his arms around Nick’s neck.

Roux, Abigail (2013-11-08). Shock & Awe (Sidewinder) (p. 82). Riptide Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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Zane’s next roadtrip


There’s a fanfic in here just begging to be written :-)


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Gustav Schonleber - Partie in der Esslinger Altstadt


Gustav Schonleber - Partie in der Esslinger Altstadt

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When friend is clearly upset but they don’t wanna talk about it but you wanna help but don’t know how and you just kinda


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Okay this? Is not okay. Ever.

I’m getting really sick of seeing this reader entitlement thing where readers email the authors to demand the next book or skewer them for the release schedule not being conducive to their personal desires.

Doesn’t sound like they read much of Abi’s stuff to begin with because not only did we get B&C this year, but also C&C and The Bone Orchard. 2 full novels and a novella (both of which actually supplement C&R). That’s not enough? Sounds to me like they’re only reading for Ty and Zane, in which case…